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"We could see immediately that Quartex was going to be easier to work with, could facilitate how we use our digital collections, and that it would be really easy to create a website that was a destination and not just an envelope around our digital collections."
Digital Projects Librarian, Des Plaines Public Library


As a cultural lifeline for your community, you have a vital role to play in fulfilling many of the cultural and pastoral needs of the people you serve.

Your repository documents lives, places, and cultures. It’s vital that these treasures are preserved but not hidden, and it’s increasingly important that your user community can access, study, and enjoy these treasures digitally, as easily as they can in person.

Quartex allows you to create and publish individual digital collections and build more at scale. Launch your site with a single collection that celebrates a significant local milestone, or release a suite of cultural heritage collections that showcase your community’s past and actively engage contributors in documenting its present.

  • Engage your community with visually dynamic digital collections sites
  • Celebrate community milestones and events with individually curated digital exhibits
  • Invite user contributions of facts, memories, and digitized assets to create and publish living archives
  • Collect and showcase oral histories with automatic, editable, and fully searchable transcriptions and closed captions
  • Enable users to bookmark assets to share with friends and family with My Account
  • Promote discovery and access with powerful search and display features



Des Plaines Public Library

Des Plaines Public Library

"I’m just really excited by all the opportunities created by having a really full and robust website, as well as a highly discoverable, easy to put together, digital asset management system."

Digital Projects Librarian, Des Plaines Public Library

Sonoma County Library

Sonoma County Library

"With Quartex, all of our local digital projects (including digitized archival and special collections materials, our local databases, and the various collections from our partner organizations) can finally be in one place and that has been our goal for many years."

Geoffrey Skinner, Cataloging and Metadata Supervising Librarian, Sonoma County Library



Create a destination, not just a digital collection

Quartex offers you much more than a website for your digital collections. It offers you an engagement tool that will bring what you do closer to the people you serve.

Public Libraries, Museums, and Archives are using Quartex in creative ways to open meaningful dialogues with their communities and explore what it really means to be a citizen and observer of our modern world. Some of the collections they have launched are award-winning, due to these repositories’ success in engaging their communities and contributing to a sense of place to which they all belong.



Why Quartex?

  • Easily ingest and manage assets and metadata with Quartex Uploader and powerful batch editing functionality
  • Customizable workflows, metadata schemas, and Controlled Vocabularies
  • One-stop-shop for transcription, with editable, fully searchable transcripts of all manuscript, printed text, and audio-visual assets generated in-platform with a single click
  • Easy to configure and use – no specialist IT knowledge required
  • Cloud-based, fully hosted platform; accessible from anywhere, on any device, enabling remote working by multiple team members



How to use metadata-related features to create discovery pathways

How to use metadata-related features to create discovery pathways

In this guide, Geoffrey Skinner, Cataloging and Metadata Supervising Librarian at Sonoma County Library, shares five metadata-related features in Quartex that have been critical in helping the Library’s Digital Collections team achieve ease of navigation and discovery in its digital archive.



Peabody Essex Museum: launching a hybrid exhibition with Quartex

Broadening access to its archival collections and linking digitized materials back to physical exhibitions was a key driver behind the Peabody Essex Museum's (PEM) choice of the Quartex platform, as was the ability to make manuscript materials more accessible to a wider audience through automated transcription and full-text search provided by Quartex’s innovative Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technology. Hear more from Dan Lipcan, Ann C. Pingree Director of the Phillips Library at PEM.



Expanding your community through digital collections

After launching a digital archive with Quartex to serve its user community, the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia found that sharing its resources online resulted in its community expanding further. As Archivist Lauren Gobbett explains, The Show Museum has started new conversations about the Society and its history.


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