Corporate Heritage

"When considering how the Digital Archive should be structured, we focused on the big themes we wanted to cover. It was important that individual themes could meet and intersect, making the entire digital collection more cohesive and meaningful, and that’s where Quartex’s discovery layer really helped us."
Sarah Jackson, Archivist, Harris County Archives


Where corporate archives exist and are maintained, the ability to publicly tell your organization’s story can be a key factor in achieving consumer trust, competitive advantage, and commercial success.

Publishing selected documents in a digitized, open access corporate archive allows you to tell your organization’s story in a curated way, highlighting key milestones and showcasing the evolution of your brand, market offerings, and community outreach over time.

Quartex enables you to create visually dynamic, completely customizable and brandable, and easy-to-explore digital corporate archives, for one organization or many. It excels at hosting all digitized content types, whether printed text, images, manuscripts, or audio-visual files, and features automatic, editable, and fully searchable transcriptions of all the above, improving accessibility and enabling researchers to search and explore your archive more deeply.

  • Launch a digital corporate archive to tell your organization’s story in new and visually engaging ways
  • Explore specific themes with digital exhibits featuring assets from across your collections
  • Create an asset repository for legal, accounting, advertising, or PR purposes
  • Engage customers and past employees in contributing memories and further assets to your digital archive
  • Enable users to bookmark assets for easy reference with My Account
  • Promote discovery and access with powerful search and display features



Your corporate archive, customized to your needs

Unlike some digital collections platforms, Quartex can be significantly customized to your needs, both in the administrative interface (with elements such as internal workflows, metadata schemas, and controls all being customizable) and at the front-end, where your published sites can be styled to replicate your organization’s corporate branding.

At the heart of Quartex is the premise of being intuitive and easy-to-use. The platform has been used by both teams and lone arrangers to successfully build and launch digital collections, as well as providing end users with appealing layouts, intuitive search options, and creative pathways to discovery.



Why Quartex?

  • Easily ingest and manage assets and metadata with Quartex Uploader and powerful batch editing functionality
  • Customizable workflows, metadata schemas, and Controlled Vocabularies
  • One-stop-shop for transcription, with editable, fully searchable transcripts of all manuscript, printed text, and audio-visual assets generated in-platform with a single click
  • Easy to configure and use – no specialist IT knowledge required
  • Cloud-based, fully hosted platform; accessible from anywhere, on any device, enabling remote working by multiple team members



Working in Quartex - in our customers' words

What is it like to work in Quartex and how is it different from other platforms?

Quartex partners from across the globe reveal what they love about the platform and why they chose it to build and showcase their digital collections.

They also discuss how their Quartex site has met or exceeded expectations, especially in terms of the response from their diverse user communities, and the role which Quartex will play in the future development of their digital archives.



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