Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) Transcription

Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) has been enhanced to provide editable, fully searchable transcriptions of handwritten assets, generated in-platform with a single click. 

HTR Transcriptions are displayed alongside the original asset, and provide an additional source of data for your users to search, extending the discoverability of your collections and allowing users to explore much more deeply, adding depth and scope to their research.

HTR Transcription works alongside our existing OCR and AV transcription features to provide a complete transcription solution for your entire digitized collections. 

This exciting feature is the result of a strikingly innovative use of AI technology by Quartex, with the ability to recognize a widely disparate range of characters, languages and handwriting styles with a high degree of accuracy.

HTR Transcription is a game-changing development, and it’s unique to Quartex.

Click the link below to explore samples of HTR Transcription on our demo site.




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