Audio/Visual Hosting and Transcription

"Audio-Visual transcription is a great bonus. It’s so easy to search now for historical enquiries that come into the archives."
Lauren Gobbett, Archivist, Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia


Open your A/V materials to deeper exploration with the hosting and discoverability capabilities in Quartex.

Unlike some digital asset management systems, Quartex provides a repository for your Audio/Visual files, preventing the need for hosting and linking to files externally and simplifying your file management workflows.

All types of Audio/Visual files, from oral histories and music recordings to newsreels, commercial films and footage from private collections, can be imported into Quartex, indexed, and opened up to discovery with our powerful range of discoverability features.

Assets can be fully transcribed with our single-click, in-platform transcription feature, and the transcription displayed alongside the asset window.

Audio/Visual transcriptions are editable, allowing for 100% accuracy and optimal accessibility, particularly for viewers using screen reader technology.

Transcriptions are also timecoded, improving user experience by facilitating navigation to particular sections of interest.

The transcription process also creates closed captions, enhancing the accessibility of your A/V assets in further ways.

Click below to explore these features in action in the Socialism on Film collection samples on the Quartex demo site




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