We're presenting at ATLA Annual 2022

Conference dates: June 15th-18th, 2022



Jessica Kowalski, Senior Quartex Sales Manager, is excited to be presenting in-person at this year's ATLA Annual in Baltimore.

With the recent launch of the digital archive of the Congregational Library & Archives, and many more religious archives recognising the capabilities of Quartex, we have a lot to share and discuss with this year's delegates!

Session details: Thursday, June 16th at 2:30pm EDT

Adopt, Migrate, Launch: Now What? Using Digital Collections to Build Community

Why do we publish digital collections? To showcase archival materials that deserve a wider audience? To build relationships with peers, for collaboration and learning opportunities? Or to build stronger communities around the sense of place and history that our collections celebrate?

Whatever your particular business case for building, launching and sharing your digital collections, it’s important to focus on the build journey; the selection and adoption of the right platform; data cleansing and migration; and the site designs that will bring your special collections to life. But then what? How do you leverage your showcase to build a stronger community around your collections?

At ATLA Annual 2021, the Congregational Library & Archives (CLA), based in Boston, MA, shared its journey of building new digital collections in Quartex; this year, we’re delighted to continue the story. CLA launched its digital collections site this spring and is now working to engage new audiences of researchers as well as create new partnerships with other repositories of theological materials.

In this session, we’ll explore CLA’s journey, and those of other Quartex partners, from adoption, through migration and launch, and into the “now what?”

We’ll look at key documents in their collections and consider how historically significant materials can be used to engage new communities and build stronger relationships that will cherish and safeguard awareness and understanding of these assets for the future.

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