Towson University joins Quartex’s A/V Pilot Project to enhance A/V capabilities

Wednesday, 02 June 2021

Adam Matthew Digital is delighted to announce that Towson University has become the third partner to join the A/V Pilot Project for the Quartex digital asset management platform.


The A/V Pilot Project was created in the Fall of 2020 to address the growing numbers of Quartex partners seeking to support significant A/V footprints.

Towson University has joined Bay Area TV Archive, a unit of the Special Collections and Archives at San Francisco State University’s J. Paul Leonard Library, and the University of Florida, both of which have been part of the Project since 2020.

Quartex will be working with the team at Towson University’s Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA) to bring together terabytes of disparate resources into one easily accessible platform.

Largely inaccessible to researchers until now, these resources include live dance and theater performances held by the College of Fine Arts Communication, which can be hosted and streamed in Quartex. Alongside this audio/visual content will be further material documenting University life across the years, including digital photography currently stored on hard drives and footage of University events, such as commencement ceremonies, presidential events, and scholarship awards.


"At Towson University, our wealth of A/V material forms a potentially invaluable resource for our patrons, from students to faculty members keen to incorporate fresh material into their classes. We’re looking to Quartex’s A/V Pilot Project and the experiences of other project partners to help us seamlessly marry our content together into one cohesive University collection. Having already launched our core digital collections site on Quartex, we’re keen to test the platform’s A/V capabilities and excited to work closely with the Project team as we scope out the consolidation of this important corpus of material."

Ashley Todd-Diaz, Assistant University Librarian, Towson University Special Collections & University Archives


As well as building out these initial collections during the summer of 2021, the SCUA team aims to expand its relationships with other institutional departments and tap into further known collections across the University, such as archival content from the University’s Glee Club.

In doing so, Towson University will improve its understanding of Quartex and help to inform future development that enhances the platform’s capabilities to support large and diverse A/V collections.

As a result of feedback already provided from Project partners, the Quartex product development team is working on several improvements to the platform’s A/V capabilities, including enhanced support of A/V transcription, which is due for release this summer.


"Feedback from our A/V Pilot Project partners is invaluable in helping us to understand which functionality matters most in real world settings, and which future enhancements could provide the most value for repositories looking to host and showcase substantial A/V collections. We’re proud to welcome Towson University on board and we look forward to the significant contribution that we know they will make to the Project."

Martin Drewe, Head of Customer Experience, Adam Matthew Digital


For more about the Quartex A/V Pilot Project, please contact Martin Drewe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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