Quartex launches AV Pilot Project

Tuesday, 08 December 2020

Academic Institutions to Advise Enhancement of Quartex AV Capabilities in 2021 and 2022.

Quartex is pleased to formally announce the launch of an AV Pilot Partnership with the University of Florida and Bay Area TV Archive at San Francisco State University to further enhance Quartex AV capabilities.


Over the next two years, the Quartex development team will seek input from University of Florida and Bay Area TV Archive staff about their specific needs relating to:  

  • Testing multiple AV formats of varying quality
  • Efficiencies in the transcoding process
  • Editing AV transcription
  • Support for pre-generated transcription and closed captions
  • Output, download and display of transcription
  • Embedding video
  • Clip creation
  • Access control
  • Support WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliance
  • And more.


Other Quartex clients who host AV collections in the platform will also provide input in AV development conversations.

Currently, Quartex has an in-platform AV player as well as the ability to generate a time-coded AV transcript, which provides both easy navigation and closed captioning.  This functionality was initially developed and implemented to support Adam Matthew Digital’s unique video collections from the British Film Institute and other archives, sourced for our published primary source collections.

With more clients exploring Quartex to support a significant amount of AV assets of varying quality, Adam Matthew Digital is pleased to partner with the University of Florida and Bay Area TV Archive to further enhance the Quartex platform’s capabilities to support large and diverse AV collections. 

As partners, the University of Florida and Bay Area TV Archive staff will load approximately 200-300 hours of AV content to test and display in the Quartex system.  In addition to enhancing this platform, Quartex and its partners will produce a white paper of the AV pilot outcomes.


Quartex has space to add one additional AV pilot partner in 2021. To inquire about participation and requirements, contact us here.  

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