New Release and Upcoming Webinar

Digital repositories today support a diverse community of users. In Quartex you can create multiple access points, helping these users to discover and view your content, enhancing their experience and addressing a variety of needs. This webinar will show you how to use Quartex functionality to improve user journeys and aid site navigation and search.

To learn more about List Landing Pages and Shareable URLs, and to see how they can be used in Quartex, join us on Wednesday, January 27th at 1:00pm EST for our webinar: Enabling browse, search and content discovery: creating effective access points using Quartex




Shareable URLs 

An excellent reference tool, shareable URLs in Quartex now allow librarians or front-end users to share individual assets or a list of search results with patrons and other researchers through email or other means. Shareable URLs are offered in addition to the My Account feature in Quartex which already allows researchers to save assets and searches in a password protected account for future reference and easy access.   


List Landing Pages (LLPs) 

Document Categories in Quartex have been replaced with new, enhanced functionality, known as List Landing Pages (LLPs). In addition we’ve introduced the ability to customize the Documents List page to display records within a specific collection (or controlled vocabulary term) by creating individual List Pages.

This new feature enables Quartex customers to create multiple new access points to their assets, along with image galleries where item-level cataloging is present. See for yourself on the Quartex Demo site, where we created LLPs for our List of Collections (under Collections), Formats and Image Types (under More Ways...), and List Pages for our Ethnomusicology and First World War collections, as well as an image gallery of Illustrations (under More Ways...).  



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