Latest Quartex releases

Tuesday, 06 April 2021

Quartex releases from the last quarter focus largely on improvements to Accessibility and greater visibility of asset management through Status Reports.


Accessibility – the following aspects of Quartex websites have been improved to aid accessibility, bringing them in line with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines:

  • My Account – this has been updated to include tab and enter navigation, while, if in use, a screenreader will announce items such as pop-up messages, navigation buttons, bookmarked items, saved searches, filter options, and account profile information.
  • Focus Visible – for full compliance with WCAG 2.1 criterion 2.4.7, a visible focus outline has been applied to all focusable elements on a Quartex site – including text links, thumbnails, tabs, icons, and buttons – using the site’s button colour by default. Visible focus outlines have also been updated for My Account.
  • High Contrast – users of the High Contrast mode on Quartex websites will notice that when background images are used for search boxes, banners, mastheads and tiles on list landing pages, these are now shown in black or charcoal to remove potential contrast issues when black and white images are overlaid with text. Additionally, all text on a dark background is now white, while textual links are differentiated from the surrounding text with an underline. Finally, visible focus has been extended to appear as light blue on every focusable element, offering a high contrast with black and white elements.


Status reports

  • A new “Status Report” is now available to export from the Manage Assets page, showing data such as asset status, last updated date, number of files and whether an asset has transcripts. This report enables easy review of assets offline and can be shared with colleagues who do not have access to Quartex Administrative tools. It can be particularly useful during migration to monitor import progress.

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