Latest Quartex release

Wednesday, 05 May 2021

The latest Quartex release sees the launch of HTR Transcription, our exciting and game-changing enhancement of Handwritten Text Recognition.

Quartex can now produce transcripts for handwritten documents.

A transcript is generated for each image and can be displayed alongside the original asset, with the following advantages:

  • Transcripts can be displayed on Quartex sites, enhancing users’ reading experience.
  • Transcripts are available for site-wide searches, aiding discoverability.
  • Transcripts can be downloaded from front- and back-end interfaces.
  • Admins and Editors can edit transcripts to further improve accuracy.

When running HTR transcripts, one of four writing styles must be selected: Historic, Modern, Gothic and Western European (in development).

Handwritten assets have been put through testing in each style and the results closely analyzed, enabling us to provide customers with application guidelines in order to obtain optimum results.

For more information on HTR Transcription, click here.

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