Sonoma County Library and Quartex in upcoming webinar: Engaging Communities Through Digital Collections

With widespread wildfires and a lockdown in response to the Covid pandemic, the team at Sonoma County Library is facing large-scale challenges which have highlighted the importance of facilitating digital access to their collections.

On October 29th, Library Journal, Sonoma, and Quartex will host a live webinar to discuss these recent challenges and response.

The webinar will focus on Sonoma’s provision of access to their digitised collections through Quartex, which allows them to serve their community through these crises, whilst physical access has been impossible. We’ll discuss their priorities in terms of presentation of their digital assets, and outline how they used features available in Quartex to structure and build their website, to add context and help search and discovery, providing different routes into their collections.


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Engaging Communities through Digital Collections (in partnership with Library Journal)

Thursday, October 29th | 2pm ET

Join us to hear the experiences of the team at Sonoma County Library and to discover the importance of digital access to their collections in light of recent challenges. The COVID pandemic, local wildfires, evacuations and extended library closures have made access to digital collections more important than ever in serving community.


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