Digital Asset Management

"Being able to add thousands of images in one go and batch edit thousands of metadata records is, in digital collections terms, a treat. It’s really important to be able to go in and edit on-demand, and then republish in a very efficient manner."
Christopher Young, Head of Collections & Digital Scholarship, University of Toronto Mississauga Library


Quartex is the result of Adam Matthew Digital’s 20 years of experience creating and publishing award-winning digital primary source collections that are easy and rewarding to access and discover.

Central to that success is the development of Quartex, a powerful, user-friendly platform in which to manage, curate, and showcase a broad range of digitized assets.

Quartex is easy to implement and intuitive to use, and supports diverse user needs and workflows, providing a robust and scalable platform solution for libraries, archives, and other repositories in academic, public service, and corporate settings.



Managed digitized assets your way
collection management

Manage digitized assets your way

  • Configure a tiered management structure and administrator controls.
  • Import, edit, and catalog single assets or batches simultaneously with no impact on performance.
  • Supports use of established and bespoke controlled vocabularies and thesauri.
  • Customize dashboards to view and analyze asset type, status, and storage.
  • Monitor site usage with analytics available for each published collection.
  • Soft delete function for peace of mind.

Curate and contextualize collections
showcase collections

Curate and contextualize collections

  • Publish digital assets to multiple collections and exhibits.
  • Easily add editorial content and contextual information.
  • Allow PDF download and export of images and data in multiple formats.
  • Curate research with advanced in-platform cataloging options and support of metadata standards.

Customize front-end sites
easy implementation

Customize front-end sites

  • Colors, logos and banner images are all individually customizable to reflect your branding.
  • Choose from sophisticated navigation and styling options.
  • Responsive front-end design, device agnostic.
  • Web pages can be edited and independently published.

Promote discoverability

Promote discoverability

  • Search Engine Optimization makes all published collections discoverable.
  • Advanced search and filtering capacity, including site-wide and cross-platform search, and customizable controlled vocabularies.
  • Compare multiple assets with our IIIF compatible image viewer.
  • Deploy “My Account” to enable users to bookmark assets across Quartex sites.

Publish accessible sites

Publish accessible sites

  • Websites designed to be WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.
  • Metadata and transcripts compatible with screen readers.
  • Audio-visual transcription generates closed captions for A/V assets.
  • “Focus visible” provides orientation for people reliant on keyboard navigation.
  • Quartex websites continually audited to meet the latest standards.

Fully hosted, accessible remotely
fully hosted

Fully hosted, accessible remotely

  • Cloud-based, accessible remotely by multiple team members working simultaneously.
  • Secure data storage, built in a load balanced and scalable hosting environment.
  • Supports in-platform creation of A/V digital surrogates.
  • Features HTTP over Transport Layer Security.
  • Optional Two-factor Authentication.


How to use metadata-related features to create discovery pathways

How to use metadata-related features to create discovery pathways

In this guide, Geoffrey Skinner, Cataloging and Metadata Supervising Librarian at Sonoma County Library, shares five metadata-related features in Quartex that have been critical in helping the Library’s Digital Collections team achieve ease of navigation and discovery in its digital archive.



Working in Quartex - in our customers' words

What is it like to work in Quartex and how is it different from other platforms?

Quartex partners from across the globe reveal what they love about the platform and why they chose it to build and showcase their digital collections.

They also discuss how their Quartex site has met or exceeded expectations, especially in terms of the response from their diverse user communities, and the role which Quartex will play in the future development of their digital archives.



Enabling browse, search, and content discovery: creating effective access points using Quartex

Digital repositories today support a diverse community of users. In Quartex you can create multiple access points, helping these users to discover and view your content, enhancing their experience and addressing a variety of needs.

This webinar will show you how to use Quartex functionality to improve user journeys and aid site navigation and search.



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