Quartex caters for the needs of libraries and archives in delivering a platform that is easy to implement and intuitive to use. It supports diverse user needs and workflows, and provides a robust and scalable platform solution.

Specialist Experience
specialist experience

Specialist Experience

  • Developed by editorial and developer teams with experience of creating award winning digital products.
  • Supports rich metadata at both asset and image level.
  • Created in consultation with leading libraries and archives around the world.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable customer service support provision.

Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)
handwritten text recognition

Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)

  • The only platform solution with built-in HTR functionality.
  • Cutting-edge artificial intelligence to make all your content discoverable.
  • Remarkably high accuracy levels.
  • OCR also allows all printed text to be fully searchable.

Easy Implementation
easy implementation

Easy Implementation

  • An intuitive, out of the box platform.
  • Easy ingest of assets and metadata from existing platforms and repositories.
  • Supports all image types, as well as audio and video files.
  • Bulk uploads possible.
  • Allows PDF download and export of images and data in multiple formats.

Showcase Collections
showcase collections

Showcase Collections

  • Sophisticated navigation, styling and branding options for your websites.
  • Responsive front-end design allows full functionality on mobiles and tablets.
  • Supports easy addition of editorial content and contextual information.
  • Advanced in-platform cataloguing options and support of most metadata standards.
  • Allows individual web pages to be edited and independently published.
  • Built to comply with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

Fully Hosted
fully hosted

Fully Hosted

  • Utilises a cloud-based hosting solution.
  • In-built preservation options for master files.
  • Secure data storage through a fully load balanced and scalable cloud-based hosting solution.
  • In-platform creation of A/V digital surrogates.
  • Features HTTP over Transport Layer Security.
  • Optional Two-factor Authentication.
  • Support for all browser and software upgrades.

Collection Management
collection management

Collection Management

  • Tiered access management structure.
  • Administrator review of cataloguing progress and collection building.
  • Customisable dashboards provide reports on asset type, status and storage.
  • Usage statistics: site analytics available for each published collection.
  • Digital assets can be published to multiple collections.
  • Soft delete and versioning options.
  • Supports use of established and bespoke controlled vocabularies and thesauri.



  • Search Engine Optimisation makes all published collections discoverable.
  • Capacity for full text search across manuscript and printed material.
  • Advanced search and filtering capacity.
  • IIIF compatible image viewer.
  • Cross-platform search functionality.
  • Federated search possible across all Quartex-published content.

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