The Newberry Library

The Newberry Library is an independent research library holding diverse and extensive collections.

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The Newberry Library was founded following a bequest from Walter Loomis Newberry, a prominent nineteenth century businessman and philanthropist. It has been free and open to the public since it was founded in 1877.

Some of the strengths of its diverse collections include maps, travel and exploration and documented contact between early colonizers and indigenous peoples.

The Newberry Library is exploring all features and functionality of Quartex – including preservation, ingest of a variety of existing metadata sources, and solutions for the display of audio and video assets – with a view to full migration to the platform for the Library’s digital output.

The diverse nature of the John M. Wing Foundation Printing Ephemera collection has allowed ingest of various material types. This is a growing collection of material concerned with printing, publishing, and graphic design, ranging from approximately the late eighteenth century through the twentieth century.

Included within the collection are advertising materials, booklets, catalogs, greetings cards, keepsakes, posters, prospectuses, proofs, and other materials issued by a variety of publishers and printers.

Another focus is on the Rand McNally and Company Records, 1856-1996, from which some of the photographic collections require efficient creation and presentation of image-level metadata.

""In Quartex, we are exploring a digital asset management solution that will account not only for preservation and management of assets but also for their display and accessibility by the public. It needs to easily interact with a variety of different metadata formats as well as types of assets. We are also looking for a platform that can be supported by our small technical team. So far, we have found Quartex to be a versatile platform for ingesting digital assets and accompanying metadata and displaying them for public use. We're looking forward to watching Quartex develop as a full digital asset management solution." "

Jennifer Dalzin, Director of Digital Initiatives and Services

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