Migrating to Quartex

"Migrating this amount of content to a new platform requires a lot of time, training, and technical expertise."
Darryl Stuhr, Director for Digitization and Digital Preservation Services, Baylor University


Migrating your digital content from an existing platform to a new system offers many opportunities for improving the way you organize and present your content. Personalized training and support from a vendor can make the transition easier. 

Here's how we support you when you migrate to Quartex.



Community Platform

Community platform

We care about making sure you have all the time and information you need to plan your digital collections project and platform selection, and deliver your migration and site launch on schedule.

That’s why, when you start a trial of Quartex or become a Quartex customer, you will be given access to the Quartex Community Platform (or QCP).

As well as a Knowledge Base full of articles, how-to guides and a glossary, you will find video tutorials, step-by-step exercises covering everything from asset and metadata preparation and import to promoting your assets and customizing site design.

The QCP is your go-to place for platform support and tutorials, as well as chat, knowledge-sharing, and ideation with the Quartex team and other members of the Quartex customer community.

Visit the Quartex Community Platform

Site design and build

Site design and build

If your repository has a condensed timeline for migration and/or lacks the staffing needed to handle the migration, we offer a more comprehensive solution including site build and design, as a fee-based service.

Fast-tracking your program to its completion, this service includes the creation of a full implementation plan, and may include any or all of the following elements, according to your needs:

  • data clean-up
  • ingesting your assets and metadata into your Quartex instance
  • cataloging your assets
  • setting up your site in terms of administration
  • designing and building your front-end site

Our holistic approach to migration

Our holistic approach to migration

Your digital collections project is a journey that starts well before you identify the right platform for your needs. And we know that your needs are subtly different from those of the next repository, and that each collection may require a different approach to search and display to bring out its full research value.

We aim to support you by providing you with all the information, insight, and peer support you need, right from the start of your journey and up to and beyond the publication of your digital collections site.

Read our data visualization which reveals our holistic approach to your migration.



Texas Wesleyan University

Partnership working to fast-track publication

The team at Texas Wesleyan University's Eunice and James L. West Library set an ambitious target of building and launching its new digital collections site in three months and, to achieve this aim without impacting other projects, took advantage of Quartex’s site-build service to design and implement its front-end site.


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