About Quartex

"Baylor University has thousands of letters [between Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning], but they also exist all over the globe at various institutions. A system like Quartex can bring these together and you can experience these letters all together in a collection."
Darryl Stuhr, Director for Digitization and Digital Preservation Services, Baylor University


About Quartex

Adam Matthew Digital is an award-winning publisher of primary source content with 30 years’ experience curating and showcasing archival collections.

Through this experience, we have developed Quartex, a platform designed to help showcase, share, and celebrate the digital collections of libraries, archives, and other heritage institutions, as well as private and public organisations, and corporate clients.



Continual program of investment and development

Quartex is a fully hosted solution developed by a dedicated and skilled team of engineers. It is designed as a simple but powerful resource with functionality that requires no technical expertise to build and create intuitive, engaging, and accessible collections sites, and which allows customers the flexibility to establish customized workflows based on their unique needs and collections. The Quartex platform benefits from a continual program of investment and development, as new functionality is added to support the requirements of customers.



Powerful features that aid discoverability and accessibility

Users also have access to cutting-edge Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR), which makes manuscripts fully searchable, as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Audio/Visual (AV) full text search services, as well as editable, fully searchable transcriptions of all the above, generated in-platform.



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